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Live Trcaker 2024

The Live Tracker is an online platform designed to facilitate locating sim information related to any mobile number registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This service, available on multyinfo.com, offers a live tracker tool allowing verification of SIM ownership information, tracking the SIM's location, and aiding in identifying potentially fraudulent activities.

 This tool proves highly beneficial for businesses, individuals, and governmental regulatory bodies involved in law enforcement within Pakistan. Additionally, it furnishes SIM owner details such as the network operator associated with the SIM, its activation status (active or deactivated), the activation date, and the current location of the SIM.

Brief Introduction| Live Tracker Sim

To ascertain the location and status of PTA-registered SIM cards, the live tracker information system offers a real-time database accessible through the SIM database online. This tool prioritizes the safety and security of users' data, ensuring the privacy of customer details remains intact. Notably, it serves the purpose of tracking and tracing stolen mobile phones to get sim owner details.

Working plan of Live Tracker

 Therefore, the sim database online system for live tracker information operates by capturing signaling systems generated by mobile networks associated with the tracked phones. It establishes connections through these network signals with the mobile device and its respective network center. This process not only tracks the location but also indicates the activation status of the phone, whether it is currently activated or deactivated by the user.

Why choose “multyinfo.com” for using Live Tracker

multyinfo.com offers a complimentary online search engine accessible to all residents of Pakistan. They provide an array of services including tracing, tracking, and retrieving database information, among which the live tracker stands out. The platform maintains a comprehensive directory of sim databases online containing millions of individuals' information authorized by the PTA regulatory authority, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the provided information for “sim owner details”.

No Installation Required

multyinfo.com simplifies access by eliminating the need for any prior installations or software setups. Users can instantly utilize the live tracker or other features by simply entering a mobile number into the platform.

Compatibility with All Networks

A notable feature of Multyinfo.com is its compatibility with all networks operational in Pakistan. It supports all network operators by providing access to sim owner details within its sim database online.

How to Utilize Live Tracker Sim Information?

To access the live tracker service, users need only to visit pakmultyinfo.com via any browser, navigate to the "live tracker" section, and input the correct mobile number for which information is desired from the database. The results will display comprehensive information, including the name of the SIM owner, their address, and the precise location.


The Live Tracker service has significantly transformed our ability to trace unknown callers and locate lost mobile phones. multyinfo.com website offers this Live Tracker information service completely free of charge, designed with a user-friendly interface accessible to everyone, regardless of prior experience or expertise. Accessing this service merely requires visiting a dependable resource and providing specific information, enabling users to attain their desired results efficiently.