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Sim Data ownership 2023

As the digital era advances, mobile phones have become indispensable for individuals. While these devices have brought revolutionary changes to daily life, they have also become a breeding ground for various issues, such as fraudulent activities involving SIM cards. Consequently, telecom authorities worldwide have developed systems (sim database online) to safeguard citizens against such misuses.

In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken proactive measures to combat SIM-related scams. PTA oversees an online platform that provides access to SIM details and manages a comprehensive sim database online containing records of all SIM cards issued against individuals' Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) numbers across all network operators. This meticulous regulation by PTA effectively reduces the occurrences of crimes associated with mobile phone usage, thereby enhancing citizen protection in the country. 

What is Sim Database online?

 PTA is a government organization that stores all the tracks of sim owners' detail that are registered through this authority. Moreover, this sim data ownership 2023 includes all information that includes the name of the owner, mobile number (along with network operator), address of the owner, Identity card number (CNIC), and more sim related issues. Alternatively, Multyinfo.com is a website that also provides sim database online, free of cost more simply and conveniently. Thus, any individual or organization can access the sim data online through “multyinfo.com”.

Use of Live Tracker tool by Pak Sim Data

Multyinfo.com offers an invaluable set of tools that users can leverage for various purposes. Among these tools are the live tracker and person tracker functionalities, which enable tracking capabilities and allows you to fetch sim details against any number. The live tracker, for instance, proves helpful in locating lost mobile phones or blocking stolen SIM cards. Meanwhile, the person tracker facilitates tracking an individual's location. Both tools are interactive and operate based on online SIM data.

Following these steps allows users to access and utilize the live tracker and person tracker features provided by Multy Info, offering effective means for locating lost devices or tracking individual locations based on SIM data ownership 2023 available online.

Advantages of checking Sim Data Online

 An official method to access SIM data ownership involves government authorities regulating the database of SIM owner details. However, this process can be lengthy, taking several days or even a month to complete. Additionally, it requires resources and money to retrieve the SIM owner details from the government platform. Alternatively, the most convenient and straightforward way to check SIM card data online is through "Multy Info," an online platform. This platform provides authentic and accurate SIM card data checks free of cost throughout Pakistan, serving as a time-saving tool for information retrieval. Multyinfo.com offers the following benefits:

Verification of SIM Details

Users can verify details against their CNIC or mobile number to safeguard themselves against fraud.

Sim verification process by “PTA”

  • • Mobilink (Now Jazz): Customers can verify if their phone number is registered to their CNIC by sending their CNIC number to 6001 from a SIM registered under the same CNIC.
  • • Telenor: Send an SMS to 7751. The system will respond, indicating if the number in use has undergone biometric verification. Alternatively, sending an SMS to 7750 will provide the nearest Telenor office location.
  • • Ufone: Dial *336# and follow the menu by typing '1'. This action will display the verification status of the associated number.
  • • Warid (Now merged with Jazz): Warid customers need to send a message to 789 from their primary verified number. In response, the sender will receive the status of numbers associated with their CNIC along with verification details.

These steps, specific to each telecom operator, enable users to verify whether their SIM card is registered under their CNIC and its verification status according to the PTA guidelines.


In conclusion, multyinfo.com offers an invaluable real-time solution for accessing SIM data ownership 2023 online, serving as a highly useful and powerful information tool for citizens. Notably, users are not required to pay for using its search engine. This platform provides seamless access to crucial sim information linked to SIM owner details, including the cardholder's name, address, CNIC card number, issuance date of the SIM, and its status. Through the live tracker feature, individuals can also locate a person or their associated number.

Moreover, multyinfo.com imposes no limitations on its users, allowing unlimited searches as needed. Their website is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that individuals can easily navigate and utilize their information tools without the necessity for extensive learning or training. This accessibility and freedom empower users to efficiently retrieve necessary SIM details without any constraints, making multyinfo.com an indispensable resource for obtaining vital information in real-time.