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Sim Database Search 2022

If you're fedup with numerous unknown calls from unfamiliar numbers and seeking a solution to uncover the identity of these callers, consider exploring the Multy Info website (multyinfo.com). This online platform offers a free sim database online, providing valuable sim information about the caller. Accessible and cost-free, this reliable resource allows you to identify the person behind the calls effortlessly. While government-developed sim database online exist for obtaining such sim owner details, they involve a protracted process and necessitate financial resources. Alternatively, Multy Info stands out as a hassle-free solution, offering a free sim database online for acquiring caller information.

How to find the Sim Owner Details by Multy Info?

To extract sim information regarding the sim ownership, Multy Info has streamlined the process with user-friendly steps on their website (multyinfo.com). These steps allow accessibility from any city in Pakistan:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official  Multy Info website by entering the URL in the search bar.
  • Select the required field and input either your mobile number or CNIC number, then click "submit."
  • Your screen will display multiple mobile numbers; select the relevant one.
  • Choose the sim owner from the provided list and click "Enter."
  • The sim owner details will promptly appear on your device screen, furnishing you with the desired information.

Sim Database online 

Multy Info operates as a complimentary search engine service, offering a comprehensive repository for storing, updating, tracking, and retrieving Sim owner details  using “sim database online”. This platform allows seamless access to sim owner details from anywhere in Pakistan, free of charge. By bypassing the time-consuming official processes of government organizations, our open web portal facilitates swift searches, sparing users from waiting days or even months for results. Our sim database online amalgamates information from central government sources and private local authorities, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness.

The advent of Multy Info has significantly simplified the process of acquiring sim ownership details about any mobile number in Pakistan. This platform conveniently enables the tracking of sim data using “sim information system”, CNIC details using “CNIC information system”, locations by “live tracker”, and additional pertinent sim information. Moreover, our website, "multyinfo.com," offers various features such as Live Tracker, Sim owner's details, Sim database access, and the CNIC information system, catering to both individuals and business entities. Hence, for those seeking assistance in identifying unknown callers, our platform serves as a valuable resource to contact and seek help.


Live Tracker for Sim Database online

Moreover, Multy Info guarantees 100% accurate results along with a host of other features. To ensure our users access the most up-to-date sim information, we consistently maintain and update our sim database online. Our Live Tracker feature empowers individuals to perform live tracking, enabling the identification of the precise location of the sim owner. Additionally, users may sometimes access additionally sim owner details such as the activation date of the sim and its current status, whether activated or deactivated.

How you can verify your Sim using “Multy Info”?

Not only can you uncover sim ownership information about other numbers, but Sim Database online also allows you to verify the registration of sims linked to your CNIC with just a few clicks. Our system is meticulously designed for ease and convenience, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Through Multy Info, users can access sim owner details such as the sim owner's name, address, CNIC number, and location effortlessly. Our website (multyinfo.com) is accessible on mobile phones or laptops, requiring only a stable internet connection to utilize our services.

Our web directory encompasses searches across various mobile network companies like Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone, and Zong. With our intuitively designed interface, users can swiftly obtain desired results when searching for sim information about an unknown person through Sim Database online, avoiding any hassle. Therefore, if you seek a reliable and credible resource for information, do consider accessing our website (multyinfo.com).

Benefits of Sim Database online

Usuing our Sim Database online developed by Multy Info offers numerous benefits, some of which are outlined below:

Revealing Unknown Callers 

An essential feature of an Sim Database online is its capability to unveil the identities behind unknown and bothersome calls on mobile devices. Additionally, it provides the functionality to track the location of these unknown individuals through the live tracker system.

Protection Against Fraudulent Activities

 Accessing an sim database online allows individuals to safeguard themselves from various forms of fraud and mobile scams. Regularly obtaining sim information from the sim database online helps in staying vigilant against potential misuse of sims, especially with the rise in mobile-related crimes. This system's development was necessary to empower citizens to stay updated with their sim database online.

Tracking Lost or Stolen Mobile Phones 

In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen mobile phone, retrieving sim information from an sim database online can aid in tracking the device. Multy Infooffers a live tracker service, facilitating the process of locating and recovering a lost cell phone.

Simplified Verification Procedures 

An sim database online streamlines the verification process for your sims, eliminating the need to visit nearby customer centers. This convenient method enables users to comfortably verify sim owner details from the comfort of their homes.

Information provided by “Multy Info”

What sort of sim information is associated with the sim database online? Multy Info offers access to various sim owner details, specifically intended for legal use only. The sim information available is comprehensive and includes:

Name of the Sim Owner 

Easily discover the identity behind an unknown caller by accessing the name associated with the sim. Multy Info is user-friendly interface simplifies the process of retrieving this sim information.

CNIC Number 

The search functionality within the sim database online provides access to the national CNIC card number linked to the sim owner. Inputting specific sim ownership details allows users to retrieve information associated with a particular mobile number. Multy Info provides a dedicated service for CNIC system information, facilitating the checking of CNIC details.

Mobile Number 

Multy Info offers a service to locate a mobile number through their categorized data search. Inputting an individual's CNIC instantly yields complete sim owner details about the associated mobile number.

Address of the Sim Owner

 Enter the CNIC or mobile number into the designated field within Multy Info platform to swiftly retrieve the address linked to the individual. The sim database online serves as an invaluable resource for obtaining specific details related to the sim owner.

Is Sim Database online  reliable?

Indeed, Multy Info offers the simplest and most dependable method for searching sim owners' names, accessing CNIC system information, exploring the sim database online, and various other services, all provided free of charge. Moreover, the platform prioritizes the protection of user information by implementing a robust encryption system to safeguard their rights and data privacy.

Other Ways to Approach Sim owner details

Apart from accessing sim database online via specific websites, individuals can opt for official channels to check sim information, such as reaching out to PTA or the government regulatory authority. However, these official procedures involve extended processing times and necessitate certain resources and financial investment. Opting for Multy Info stands out as the optimal choice, eliminating the need for payment while offering instant access to results.

Limitations for Online Sim Database

While Multy Info offers a reliable source for an sim database on;ine with numerous additional features, it does have certain limitations and operates under specific conditions.

Limited Information Availability

 Despite sourcing data from various outlets, Multy Info may occasionally provide limited details through its web directory in certain search engine services.

Potential for Inaccuracies or Incompleteness 

It's crucial to note that the sim information obtained from an sim database online might sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete. As the web directory compiles databases from multiple sources, there exists a possibility of inaccuracies within the data.


This article provides a concise overview of the Sim Database online by “Multy Info”, detailing its benefits and practical applications. The ultimate and unrestricted resource for accessing the Sim Database online, offering free usage. It elucidates the process of tracking and tracing a sim owner's location using Sim Database online. Furthermore, it outlines an easy approach to verify both your sim card and sims associated with your CNIC card. Additionally, the article explores the positive aspects and advantages of utilizing Sim Database online.