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Pak Sim Info

The Multyinfo.com website offers a reliable platform for accessing comprehensive information about SIM cards in Pakistan. By simply entering a mobile number, users can retrieve detailed information about the SIM cardholder across all cellular network operators in the country. This information includes the name of the cardholder, their address, and other relevant details. This service, available through the Pak Sim Details website (multyinfo.com), streamlines the process of obtaining SIM-related information without unnecessary expenditure of time and money.

Furthermore, in addition to accessing CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) information, the platform offers a live tracker feature for various purposes. This feature serves as an efficient solution for identifying and managing unwanted calls from unknown sources. By utilizing Pak Sim Info, users can easily uncover the identity of suspicious callers, enhancing personal security and safeguarding against potential fraud or misuse of SIM cards.

Moreover, the system provides tools that aid in locating lost devices by leveraging the live tracker functionality. This includes assistance in blocking lost SIM cards, thereby offering users a means to protect themselves against unauthorized use. Notably, Multyinfo.com offers these SIM details through Pak Sim Info completely free of charge, accessible from any city within Pakistan. The platform serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking sim information and protection in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

What is Pak sim info?

The Multyinfo.com was established in 2009 during a period marked by a significant surge in digital platform usage, which coincided with a rise in criminal activities associated with the misuse of SIM cards. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) developed this SIM information system to maintain and track records of all SIM card users in the country, aiming to mitigate crimes and fraudulent activities related to SIM card misuse.

As part of the regulations, individuals purchasing a new SIM card are required to register it with the PTA before use. Additionally, PTA imposes restrictions by issuing a limited number of SIM cards against a single CNIC card number to prevent misuse and unauthorized activities. The multyinfo.com website offers a valuable service by providing free access to Pak sim info, primarily aimed at promoting responsible usage. Users can also validate and verify SIM details through this system to ensure authenticity and legality.

Moreover, the platform extends its convenience by enabling users to acquire SIM owner details simply by sending a text message containing the sim card number to 688, offering an accessible and user-friendly method to access essential sim details associated with the SIM card. This initiative by the PTA and the availability of services via platforms like Multy Info 2023 latest contribute significantly to enhancing accountability, reducing fraudulent activities, and promoting secure usage of SIM cards within Pakistan.


How does Pak sim info work?

The Multyinfo.com website serves as an excellent resource for retrieving SIM information registered by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) across Pakistan. Our extensive web directory comprises millions of cellular network users from all regions of Pakistan, ensuring a comprehensive sim database online that functions consistently to furnish Pak sim info details to our users. To access this information, follow the instructions provided below:

  • Sim Card Number: Each SIM card possesses a unique 13-digit code located on the backside of the card. This number serves as the identification code for the SIM card.
  • Enter Sim Number: To retrieve sim information associated with a particular SIM card, enter sim number in a given field.
  • Results: Within a short while, you will receive a message containing comprehensive sim details linked to the specified SIM card. Typically, this information includes the name of the SIM card owner, their address, and their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number.

Virtues of using Pak sim info

Multy Info 2023 latest offers a user-friendly approach to accessing SIM card information for unidentified callers on mobile devices. Our platform provides an array of information tools entirely free of cost for residents in Pakistan. Regardless of their city of residence, any citizen can swiftly access SIM details via Pak Sim Info within seconds, provided that the SIM card in question is registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Here are some notable benefits of utilizing Pak Sim Info:

Revealing Unknown Callers

 If you're consistently bothered by unidentified calls or messages, Pak sim info is your solution. By using Pak sim info, you gain access to information associated with the unknown number. This includes sim details such as the name of the SIM owner, their address, and the crucial CNIC card number, aiding in identifying the person behind the calls or messages.

Blocking SIM Cards

 This feature serves as a robust tool, especially in scenarios where a person's mobile device is lost or stolen. With the Pak sim info platform, you can promptly block your SIM card, preventing unauthorized use and mitigating the risk of it being used for illicit activities.

Sim Card Verification

 Pak sim info's verification feature proves beneficial when dealing with second-hand device or SIM card purchases. Verifying the details associated with a SIM card ensures transparency and authenticity, offering peace of mind to individuals engaging in such transactions.

The comprehensive capabilities of Pak Sim Info empower users to manage and protect their SIM cards effectively, providing essential tools for identification, security, and verification purposes, thereby contributing to a safer and more secure mobile communication environment in Pakistan.


Limitations for using Pak sim info

However, Multy Info 2023 latest provides a powerful tool for a sim info system, besides having so many advantages for using Pak sim info, there are some limitations connected with it. Some of them are explained below.

Limited Information

The Pak sim info system provides only minimal information, typically comprising the name of the SIM card owner, address, and other basic details. However, it lacks access to more comprehensive or crucial personal information, limiting its usefulness in various cases.

Inaccurate Information

 At times, the sim details obtained through Pak sim info might be incorrect or outdated due to system errors or lack of updates. This could result in accessing outdated or inaccurate information about SIM cardholders, rendering the data unreliable. It's crucial to verify the information obtained before relying on it for any action or decision-making.

Privacy Concerns

 There might be concerns regarding the usage of personal information associated with a SIM card without the individual's consent. Multyinfo.com strictly prohibits the utilization of Pak sim info for any illegal purposes, emphasizing the importance of respecting privacy rights and not engaging in unauthorized or unethical use of this im information.

Considering these aspects, users should acknowledge the limitations of the information provided by Pak sim info, exercise caution when relying on its data, verify information accuracy independently, and uphold ethical standards regarding privacy and legality while using such services.

How can I check the Pak sim info for my sim card in Pakistan?

You can easily check information for your sim card by sending a specific code provided by your mobile operator with your CNIC card number. Shortly, you will receive all information associated with your sim card. 

What kind of information may I get by using the Pak sim info system?

The sim details that you will get by sending a message for Pak sim info include only the name of that sim owner, their address along with CNIC card number only. 

Pak sim info| Live Tracker

Multyinfo.com offers a live tracker feature to its users at no cost, enabling the tracking or tracing of mobile users to access their sim details. This feature serves multiple purposes and can be utilized both by individuals and law enforcement authorities for tracking needs. Our platform, multyinfo.com, prides itself on maintaining the most accurate and updated SIM database online, ensuring users receive reliable results promptly, without unnecessary delays.

Our system is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation without complexities. Users can effortlessly utilize our search engine to perform various functions in a straightforward manner. This tool proves invaluable in analyzing suspicious activities or identifying individuals associated with criminal records, providing quick and convenient insights that would otherwise be challenging to obtain.

Multyinfo.com aggregates data from diverse sources, including government-related organizations, private databases, online directories, social media platforms, and public records. This meticulous process ensures the delivery of an accurate database to our users.

We provide a free sim database online information tool, enabling individuals to effortlessly access detailed information regarding any SIM card within Pakistan. This functionality aids in uncovering information about unidentified callers on mobile phones. Additionally, businesses and organizations can utilize this tool to verify records for their employees and customers, enhancing safety and security measures.

Our platform aims to empower individuals and organizations by providing access to essential information while prioritizing accuracy, user-friendliness, and reliability in delivering comprehensive SIM details.


One of the main features of using “multyinfo.com” is that it provides an incredible level of accuracy for their databases in comparison to other public record directories. Multyinfo.com develop its system for databases at an advanced level illuminating possible errors for ensuring a reliable source for searching. In addition, we also use audit log track, so we keep an eye on the activities of users on our website for using our tools to minimize the risk of any fraudulent or illegal activities. Thus, providing a potent tool for Pakistani citizens for retrieving sim details by minimizing the efforts of users.  Our sim ownership data is collected from various sources thus eliminating most of the errors and providing the most updated sim database online. Additionally, we have designed our tool for convenient use, especially for beginners. Thus, one can use our info tools without any costs with any effort, saving time.