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Sim Details| Get sim information using “multyinfo.com”

Our online platform, Multyinfo.com, serves as a comprehensive repository for telecom users in Pakistan, offering access to an extensive SIM database online. This sim database online encompasses intricate sim details linked to SIM cardholders across various mobile network operators. Its primary function is to facilitate the maintenance and oversight of activities conducted by SIM card users, overseen by the government regulatory authority, 'PTA'. Among the crucial sim information stored are the name of the SIM owner, address, CNIC card number, mobile number, SIM serial number, and other pertinent details. This systematic record-keeping plays a crucial role for the state, enabling continuous monitoring of activities associated with SIM card usage.

Our Multy Info is a website to discover the sim owner details of any Pakistani SIM number. Just enter the mobile number associated with the SIM card into the provided text field and click on the search button. Our platform grants you access sim details to the most recent user data, completely free of charge. Our platform also enables you to verify SIM ownership details using the CNIC number. Simply enter the CNIC number of the individual you are seeking information about, and our platform will furnish you with the pertinent sim details. An advantage of the Multy Info’s sim database online is its cost-free accessibility. This allows users to utilize the tool as frequently as necessary without any associated costs. Moreover, the tool undergoes regular updates with new entries and current information, guaranteeing access to the most recent and up-to-date data at all times.

What do you mean by SIM Database online?

The SIM database online plays a pivotal role in mitigating crimes and fraudulent activities linked to SIM card usage and sim details. It serves as a resource for individuals seeking to identify unknown callers by accessing SIM details. Additionally, law enforcement agencies leverage this sim database online to track criminals and monitor suspects. Multyinfo.com provides access to an SIM database online , a tool widely utilized by many.

However, upon purchasing a SIM card, individuals are required to undergo a verification process mandated by PTA which stores sim owner details in their sim database online. This verification procedure involves storing SIM details in PTA's system, aimed at safeguarding the rights of mobile users against misuse and fraud. Consequently, maintaining a comprehensive record of all SIM users within a country is paramount for ensuring peace and security.

What are the sim details?

The SIM card functions as an sim information storage system that contains crucial data associated with its owner, enabling its utilization within a mobile device. This compact card serves as a link to wireless networks, facilitating communication and various technological functionalities. Typically, it holds sim details about the SIM owner, their contact information, and additional linked data destined for storage within the SIM database online. Mobile network companies are responsible for storing these SIM details in their system for sim database online, accessible for various purposes at a later stage. Occasionally, it may also encompass supplementary information like the activation date of the SIM and its expiration date, among other relevant sim details.

Key Features of Multyinfo.com 

Our online portal sim information system offers instant and free access to SIM details for any SIM card ownership within seconds. Our inclusive services are accessible to all Pakistani citizens for using sim database online. As the usage of mobile phones continues to rise, ensuring the authenticity of phone numbers becomes increasingly crucial for safety and security purposes.

Multyinfo.com extends a range of convenient info tools services to all residents of Pakistan. These encompass an SIM database online, SIM ownership details, CNIC system information, and Live tracker tools, presenting a comprehensive solution in one place. It is important to note that information retrieval is available only for PTA-registered SIM cards. Moreover, our user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, allowing anyone to navigate our search engine without requiring guidance to fetch sim owner details.

Procedure to check Sim Details

Accessing SIM details for any cellular network number is a simple process. Follow the steps outlined below to check SIM details:

  • Enter the official website URL, Multyinfo.com, into the browser's address bar.
  • Once on the homepage, choose the 'Sim Owner Details' option.
  • In the provided space, input the mobile number or CNIC number you want information about and click on 'Submit'.

Our tool will retrieve the requested information from the system sim database online, and the results will promptly display on your device screen after a short processing time.

Type of information by sim details

Our SIM database online facilitates easy access to comprehensive SIM information with just one click, providing detailed SIM details. Here are the types of information available through our Sim Owner Details Info Tool:


 Refers to the registered name of the SIM cardholder as per the registration with PTA for SIM card activation.

Exact Address

Provides the contact address of the individual who owns the SIM card.

CNIC Card Number

This crucial detail obtained from our Sim Owner Details Tool is the identification number issued by the government, utilized for SIM activation by PTA. This CNIC card number can potentially help retrieve further information about the cardholder.

Network Provider

Reveals the information regarding the network provider associated with the specific SIM card.


Our Live Tracker feature enables users to access the location of the SIM mobile number, beneficial in scenarios involving lost or stolen cell phones or SIM cards


Our online platform offers an incredibly useful and robust tool designed to retrieve sim owner details for any mobile number across Pakistan. It is a free-to-use service with a user-friendly interface accessible to every citizen. However, it exclusively allows searches for SIM owner details pertaining to PTA-registered and activated SIMs. Our SIM database online stands as the most up-to-date and accurate source for SIM owner details, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Nevertheless, users are strongly urged to exercise responsibility and ethical conduct while utilizing this tool. Any illegal or unauthorized use may result in severe consequences, as we strictly adhere to privacy policies. Our array of info tools ensures a comprehensive search, allowing users alternative options if one tool does not yield the desired sim information.